Space Auto Secures Series A Funding Backed By Global Business Leader John Paul DeJoria And Others (Press Release)

DALLAS, Texas (June 2023) – Space Auto, the new integrated software and marketing solution for car dealerships, announced that the company has secured a Series A funding round with a group of investors that includes Global Business Leader and Philanthropist John Paul DeJoria.

The funding is earmarked specifically for building out dynamic AI automation across Space Auto’s website, retailing, and CRM software products to exponentially improve the car buying process for both consumers and dealerships.

“Welcome to the future of AI in car dealerships. Space Auto’s advanced software system not only makes life easier by unifying all of the different technologies that dealers have to use right now into one, but also saves dealers on cost, helps dealers make more money, and makes the customer service process a lot simpler than it is right now,” said DeJoria. “I think Space Auto offers incredible products, not only for dealers but also for their customers, who will greatly benefit as well. Space Auto is a must in my mind for every dealership in the country because they can only benefit from this unique software. That is why I invested in this fabulous company.”

John Paul DeJoria is co-founder of Paul Mitchell, founder of Patrón Tequila, and founder of John Paul Pet. In addition to investing in Space Auto, he is a current special advisor to the company.

“We are incredibly grateful to be surrounded by the wisdom and business strategy of each of our new partners, including none other than John Paul DeJoria,” said Matthew Lance, CFO of Space Auto. “His relentless pursuit of growth and building first-class, global products and brands, combined with a knack for cultivating kindness in business culture, makes him an ideal partner. Space Auto is a driving force for a new generation AI in automotive retail. This partnership will allow us to expand our offerings while staying true to our mission of reimagining the car buying experience.”

Space Auto, founded by Nick Askew, is committed to a product roadmap that will capitalize on centralized data and the latest AI tech. Using proprietary software, Space Auto’s future includes developing products that will automate tasks, such as checking for inventory or vehicle details, shopping across banks for real-time loans, and speeding up consumer-dealer communications and interactions. The goal of this AI is to provide dealers with operational efficiency, lower costs, and a better customer experience.

To learn more about Space Auto and its offerings, visit 

About Space Auto 

Space Auto is on a mission to reimagine the car buying journey by streamlining automotive retail tech and elevating the customer experience. From first click to close, Space Auto gives auto dealerships the tools they need to connect with customers, drive sales, and grow business – all in one space. The company offers Software (Website, Retailing, CRM) and Digital Marketing to both independent and OEM dealerships, including BMW, Nissan, Kia, Honda, GMC, Hyundai, and many others. Learn more at, watch an explainer video, and follow Space Auto on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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